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At RitualKind we encourage you to commit time to your mind, body and soul through the art of ritual. Our beautiful Smudge Sticks are made with love and designed to be the perfect companions in your self-care practice. We make a limited edition batch of Smudge Sticks, each handmade with a new intention to help guide you on your self-care journey. A magical blend of powerful herbs, flowers and fynbos infused together brings calm and positive energy to your rituals.

RitualKind make up a once-off batch of Smudge Sticks based on availability of various plants, flowers and herbs. Mindful sourcing and creating are a big part of what we do.  Each batch has limited stock available. Once a batch is ready the RitualKind fairies will hand deliver your magical parcel to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa.

Please note smudge stick and some ingredients may differ from image.

Using a Smudge Stick

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"Smudging is from the Native American culture, they use herbs such as white sage, sweet-grass and cedar. Smudging has also been used as a popular method of purification in different religions and cultures for hundreds of years, the art of  burning herbs, frankincense and Palo Santo all contribute to the practice of cleansing, healing and enhancing." 

What comes with each RitualKind Smudge Stick?

Each of our sets includes a limited edition handcrafted Smudge Stick, semi precious stones, a reusable cloth bag and a care card.

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Smudging adds an extra dimension to meditation and enhances your mood through the smells and scents of the herbs. The smoke from a smudge stick can instantly shift energy and assists as a fantastic tool to help set intentions, manifest and visualise positive thoughts and actions. 

Disclaimer - RitualKind is not a medical product, it is for external use only and should not be ingested in any form. RitualKind recommends pregnant woman avoid smudging due to use of various different plants and herb combinations, although none are harmful this is a standard requirement of all natural products which have not been clinically tested. If you experience irritation or any side effects please stop use immediately.